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Da Vinci Code sequel in Washington

TheLostSymbol.jpgThe new Dan Brown novel will undoubtedly be bought up and made into a film, whether it is with Ron Howard and Tom Hanks may not be the case, although I think it definitely will be, but it will make it to the big screen that's for sure, especially considering the setting planned for the story.

It follows Robert Langdon once more as he opens up conspiracies and secret societies hidden behind some new mystery, however now the location has turned much more Hollywood friendly.

In what seems to be a fantastically clever move by Dan Brown, the story is going to be set in Washington D.C., yes Langdon is coming home and marketing himself to the American people who haven't yet read a Langdon novel.

There are two covers for the novel, the first one above shows Washington D.C. with a key and a compass above it, while the American version will have a picture of the capital with a red wax seal against a backdrop of symbols.

I'm sure that fans will be leaping online to get high resolution versions and trying to decode what they mean, and if they do, let us know anything juicy!

Speaking through Reuters, Dan Brown's U.S. editor Jason Kaufman said of The Lost Symbol:

”As we would expect, he pulls back the veil -- revealing an unseen world of mysticism, secret societies, and hidden locations, with a stunning twist that long predates America”

Other word suggests that it will focus on Freemasonary, something the covers would suggest too, and the symbol known as the Hebrew Key of Solomon, referencing a medieval book on magic. Of course it's also going to tie in major politics of America without a doubt.

The real question for film fans though is when will the book come to the big screen, and will Ron Howard return to direct the film and persuade Tom Hanks to return to the character of Langdon? Should they?



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