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Dambusters remake in 3D?

TheDamBusters.jpgI struggle with this I really do, the very fact that there's a remake of Dambusters being considered is difficult enough, although the fact that Peter Jackson is behind it does give me some hope, but the possibility of it being in 3D just makes me wretch.

What are we going to see? CGI Lancaster bombers flying towards the screen, cut to the view from the cockpit and the view from targeting to see tracer fire coming at you in the night, then cut to the bouncing bomb being released right into the camera, cut to the dam exploding and millions of gallons of water exploding forward to drown the audience?

Oh please no, although I have to admit that writing about the idea of seeing the tracer fire coming out of the dark might give us some idea of the risk that these crews took at the time, but then this could work without it being in 3D, we'd still understand that these people were facing incredible odds for a bombing campaign that achieved more propaganda than anything else.

Speaking at Comic-Con Peter Jackson revealed that he may be considering for Dambusters:

”One of things I'm thinking of is possibly shooting Dambusters in 3-D. I wanted to get my head around the technology, so we got the equipment and shot some material to see how it looked.”

The quote comes from IGN through The Playlist and sounds rather off hand, I do hope it's just an idle comment rather than anything, but I do have my fears.

I just see the 3D option belittling the idea of the film and cheapening what these crews did, and the risks and sacrifices they made. If you do anything Mr Jackson, drop the 3D aspect.

Actually, there's another request I have, while you're dropping the idea of 3D for the film, why don't you set the production up to do something amazing. There are a number of Lancaster bombers in the UK, and I believe that only one is still airworthy, how about having them restored as part of the production and marketing for the film and really having them fly? That would be tremendous, I've seen them, and it's truly awe inspiring.

However, please don't it in 3D.



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