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Dead Space gets film treatment

DJCaruso.jpgDead Space looks like the next video game to be adapted for film, and what's more is that it looks like it's going to get more than a half decent adaptation.

The game bears incredibly close resemblances to previous video games and adaptations, and with a quick look over the blurb you'd not be forgiven for thinking Doom (again!), but then there's a little more to it than that, it comes from a video game studio with multiple film projects under its belt.

Electronic Arts are the company behind the video game Dead Space and they have a number of other games in development as films including Dante's Inferno, Army of Two, The Sims and Mass Effect.

This one is ahead of the game though as they have a director already attached. D.J. Caruso is the man attached to direct the film version according to the story from Variety, and he and the producers are currently looking into scriptwriters as we speak.

Obviously the concern over a film about a game where an…

"…engineer in deep space investigates a distress signal from a mining ship and discovers that the ship is infested with creatures which are reanimated corpses infected with an alien virus"

That sounds very familiar, and not just to video games and video game adaptations we've heard of before, but also of straight up films that have been made and are being made right now. Pandorum, is the first one that springs to mind.

Still, perhaps they can do something different here, and the fact that D.J. Caruso is in charge (I first wrote "in the house" without thinking!) does suggest that we're going to see something a little more intelligent and thriller-esque.



Dead Space is superb. It is dripping with foreboding atmosphere and is incredibly well realised. IMO it is a hidden gem of HD gaming.

Not sure it needs a film version though. It already has an animated prequel for the backstory on Blu-Ray + DVD. And it's already the gaming equivalent of Event Horizon.

Yeah but aliens created reanimated humans in space that you have to kill, hasn't this been done time and time again? Atmosphere aside, the story is old isn't it?

Oh absolutely. It has certainly been done lots before and in movie terms that may not bode well (where the story is probably a lot more important).

In gaming terms the rehashed story isnt a big deal (most games these days are barely original). It's the fact that it does it better than most. I'll give you a shot next time we meet up.


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