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Depp for Dean Martin?

DeanMartin.jpgJohnny Depp has been banded around a few times for the role of someone famous, I don't know why, but we once heard he was going to be leading the way for a biographical film of the lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence, a big rumour of course, and today we hear another such one, this time for Dean Martin.

Now I don't know about you Dean Martin fans out there but I find that one a hell of a stretch and one that I just don't see myself, apart from the fact that Depp is good at playing a character who's slightly inebriated, a trick Martin was rather good at himself.

According to a comment made by Dean Martin's daughter, Deana Martin, Johnny Depp is the one she wants for the role. So there's no real casting here, it's a family wishlist.

Speaking through a Boston radio programme, the Examiner and The Playlist, Deana Martin says Depp...

”...is a tremendous actor, he has that charm, that swagger, and the resemblance of my father is there. I’m sure he would do the role justice!”

That's her choice for the role of her father in the soon to be made biographical film written by Bonnie Hunt and directed by Joe Mantegna, not quite the Martin Scorsese written and directed biographical film that we had hoped for, but he's moved onto Frank Sinatra instead.

Interestingly Depp is being rumoured to play Sinatra for Scorsese as well, something I'm really not that sure about either, and in some ways I think the actor is too big for the role and he's too clean cut and polished.

I still wish Scorsese would tackle a Dean Martin film too, a Frank Sinatra one is perhaps the most attractive to a larger audience, but Dean Martin was well loved, even by a generation who didn't really know him, me for example!

However the idea of Joe Mantegna directing a film about the man he once played in The Rat Pack, and sang his songs for the television film and album, has a certain ring to it. I just hope that it does him justice and they don't leap for a big name star that one of the family members would like him to choose.

Personally I just don't see the Depp-Martin semblance.



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