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Diaz, Cage in talks for Green Hornet

TheGreenHornet.jpgThings are going from bad to worse I think for The Green Hornet. I thought it was bad news that Stephen Chow was off the production, and worse news that they were looking for anyone to play Kato, not even someone who knew martial arts or was Asian, and that they would simply rewrite the story to suit whatever happened.

The news that Cameron Diaz was looking to get a role in the film was a positive, but news comes that the Hollywood curse of Nicolas Cage is set to play the villain in the film.

Yes, I can't believe it myself because everything the man is in turns out to be poor if not dreadful these days, but then the news through Variety has come that Nicolas Cage will be playing the gangster villain of the film up against The Green Hornet himself, Seth Rogen.

I don't know, but throw in Michael Gondry and this just seems a mish-mash of names and ideas that is probably going to go the complete comedy route and bear little resemblance to The Green Hornet of old. At least Cameron Diaz sounds like a good choice.



Nic Cage as the villain? Any small chance this had of being good has just gone down the drain.


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