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Diaz ruins The Box?

TheBox.jpgSpeaking at Comic-Con Cameron Diaz has let out some rather big spoilers for the story of The Box, the upcoming film from Richard Kelly that also stars James Marsden and Frank Langella.

Now I do warn you, these are potentially huge spoilers for the film, and I say potentially because they may be total redirection as they are so out there, but for the same reason they may also be spot on. So if you don't want to read them I suggest you step away from the story right now.

The Box is the story about a couple who receive a visitor one day, a visitor bearing a gift which may have huge consequences for them. The gift is a box which, once opened and a button pressed, gives the owner US $1 million. However at the same time it will cause the death of another human being somewhere in the world, someone they don't know. They can keep the box for twenty-four hours before it is taken back by the mysterious stranger.

What then happens is unclear, although we do know that they face a huge moral dilemma and begin to struggle with what the box could do for them and will do for someone else. Watching the trailer it also suggests that other people get in touch with them, others that know what the box can do and try to persuade them not to do it, or perhaps it's just the couple unearthing some of the secrets behind it, it's not entirely clear.

Here's the trailer I carried previously to remind you, and you can also see it over at Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] in high definition.

Oh and this is your last chance to get out of the way before the spoiler.

So what exactly did Cameron Diaz say? Well according to /Film she revealed the following two major plot points. To see them, just select the following white area, just click, hold and drag across the white area to do so and the answer will become very clear.

The first is about the origin of the box, it's from another planet, a race from Mars no less.
The second is that this Martian race is testing humankind for some reason, and the box is the test.

They both seem to be huge reveals for the story, and possibly mammoth spoilers. I do hope though that they are merely there to misdirect us and aren't actually how the story plays out.

If you did take a look do you think it's really what's behind the box?



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