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DiCaprio's Twilight Zone gains writer

TwilightZone.jpgIt's been a while coming but after we heard in July of 2008 that Leonardo DiCaprio's production company was out looking for a screenwriter for their Twilight Zone film, but finally there's a writer been announced on the project.

This probably comes quite fast off the back of the rumour that their Akira remake had died and that the director had left the project and it was going nowhere fast, allowing the production company to turn their attention to their Twilight Zone film.

Despite the news of a screenwriter being attached, there's still no word which direction the film will take. Are we going to be seeing a Twilight Zone film about a single episode, in which case it's not really a Twilight Zone film, or is it going to be a series of stories connected together in some way? Even loosely connected with the announcer in the background? Who knows.

What we know so far is from Variety that Rand Ravich is set to write the script. Who's he? Well he wrote the Candyman sequel, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, and The Astronaut's Wife. One better than the other that's for sure, although the latter does give a good feel for a Twilight Zone story.

I still would love to know which direction they're going with this film, I'm sure they have the idea and they're not just handing the whole concept over to the writer. Or maybe they are?



Really? another Twilight Zone movie? is this completely necessary? I mean, I love The Twilight Zone and I'll sit my way through a marathon when it is on but we don't need another movie.

the last twilight zone movie was truly a unique piece and i can't even imagine what they'd come up with for this one. I know the segments were all recycled tv show plots, but most folks hadn't seen them at all.

Do you know i've watched the old movie with like, 4 different people and NONE of them knew there was a movie of the TZ.

I's been more than long enough to do it again, in my opinion. I just hope they do the same with this one as they did before and have different directors doing different segments.

It'd also be a nice touch to have Dan Akyroyd back, doing his "wanna see something really scary?" bookends again.

I think it can only really work with that format don't you?

i don't want to tempt fate. If i don't hold my breath it's liable to turn into a zany comedy starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.


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