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District 9 featurette online

District9.jpgThe marketing for District 9 is going well, there's plenty of it to keep the studio happy and the buzz going around the film, and yet the trailers don't seem to be giving away too much or indeed anything that would suggest a reveal of something that shouldn't be.

That continues with this latest short featurette, running more at the time of a trailer, it contains some commentary from Peter Jackson and the lead Sharlto Copley, as well as new footage from the film mixed with the footage we've already seen.

It continues to intrigue me and looks like a cracking film, and from all accounts it is. Don't we all wish this guy had managed to get the helm of a Halo film?

Not Neill Blomkamp apparently, he's openly said he wouldn't direct a Halo film now, which for me is extremely short sighted and disappointing. Imagine if the studio saw this and suddenly realised it could work, was persuaded by the accountants, and agreed to the Microsoft studio control over the story, and then decided to offer him the job. Are you seriously telling me he'd say no?

Anyway, it's not happening, what is though is the impending release of District 9, and here's that new featurette.



the interview in which he says he wouldn't do it was on slashfilm.it was a video interview and he explains his reasons for not doing a Halo film. Its not a money reason or a company reason. he says that he wants to do it but doesnt feel he could.

to have spent 6 months putting his hart and soul into developing an idea and for it to just collapse was gutting and he doesn't feel he could do it again.

You know I don't buy that. Why would he suddenly think that he couldn't direct it anymore? He certainly thought he could for a good long time.

Perhaps he's saying now he's directed a film he's realised how hard it is and couldn't do Halo. Nope, still don't buy it.

All that time he put into the film would be wasted if he was offered it and said no.

The sad thing is that he would do really well at making a Halo film come to life looking at the footage that we've already seen from District 9.


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