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District 9 International trailer online

District9.jpgAnother new International trailer has arrived online today, and this one's for District 9, the film from Neill Blomkamp that shows what the world would be like should aliens really arrive on Earth.

Well in this story what would really happen is we'd be wary, we'd segregate them, we'd be mistrustful, and we'd try to find out about their technology, and it's even better for our governments that they can't actually leave.

However one of the agents charged with managing the alien population and ensuring that the keep to the rules laid out for them is accidentally infected with something that the aliens have been working on in District 9, and he's changing.

Pretty soon it seems that he's going to turn into the only hope for the alien race whether he wants to or not.

The new trailer is recut from footage we've already seen apart from the odd cut scene between sequences. There's a nice new shot of the alien though.

I know there's not much new there, but the cut itself is better and does a good job at attempting to build some characters into the story. I'm looking forward to District 9.



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