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Flock shows money matters

DonMurphy.jpgI love the story of how Flock came about, showing that money and the allure of Hollywood ensures that almost any argument can be tamed with the mere mention of a film deal.

Producer Don Murphy was being argued with by a writer about one of his films, he decided to buy the writer's book to see what it was all about, read it, and was surprised to like it. Next thing is he's done a deal with the writer and the film is going to get made.

The story is almost secondary to the adaptation itself, and it makes for amusing reading.

Don Murphy, producer of Transformers and From Hell, the Alan Moore adapted comic book, was commenting on the blog of the artist of From Hell, Eddie Campbell, when someone called James Robert Smith started having a dig at him for his adaptation.

Murphy decided to check the guy out, found out he'd written a book called Flock, bought it, read it, liked it, and then approached Smith to get the rights and make it into a film. James Robert Smith said yes.

The article from The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the story of Flock is about a group of prehistoric birds discovered in the Florida Everglades which have a unique high-degree of intelligence. What's worse is that they are discovered by a group of developers who are building a theme park and they begin to defend their home and attack the intruders as any predatory animal would.

Sounds a bizarre idea and mixes a little of various thinks we've heard before, in fact it does sound like a Michael Crichton novel to be honest.

It's funny though that Smith was busy arguing with Murphy about how he didn't like the From Hell film, and next thing is he's sold the rights to his book and it's set to be adapted with Murphy producing. Hollywood speaks.



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