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Gears of War plot details revealed

GearsofWar.jpgLen Wiseman has been talking about the Gears of War adaptation and how he intends to approach it, and more importantly how he's not going to approach it. He also is keen to deliver a few details about the changes he's going to make to the film.

Perhaps the most important change is that he's not going to leap into the story late on after the Locust horde and human battle began, he's actually going to show us the Emergence Day which is always talked about in the game but never yet shown.

The game has had a sequel released already and follows a futuristic world where humankind are doing battle with alien creatures that have invaded and devastated Earth. In the first game humans have found a way to fight back, but involves placing a large bomb deep in the heart of the Locust horde's underground tunnel system.

You play Marcus Fenix, a war veteran who struggles with authority but gets the job done. Locked up in prison during the invasion of Earth his fellow fighters return to break him free and sign him back up to the fight, and lead a team to find the bomb which has been lost in enemy territory and head deep into the tunnel systems to plant it and destroy the horde.

It's a great fun game and one that Louise and I have played through to the end for hours of fun. It has a strong story and some great creatures and sequences that could translate well into the film version, Gears of War.

However Len Wiseman faces tough competition with a backlash from critics against the term "video game adaptation" and from audiences who have had a less than spectacular showing from similar films such as Doom..

"A DOOM connection would not be smart for us…I'm looking for an actor for the role and then I'll put him into shape."

That's what Len Wiseman says through the IGN and HorrorMovies story revealing that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock would not be taking the lead in the film, and they'll be choosing anyone to whip into shape for the part.

It also suggests that they won't be trying to emulate the view of the game in the film, and they'll just be taking the story, another strong aspect, although I think Doom did do well for throwing some of that in.

He does also reveal that he's changing the story somewhat, and that he'll be looking to add female soldiers to fight alongside the male characters we've already seen, but that doesn't seem to be a role he'll be giving to his wife Kate Beckinsale as he says he'll try and get her in the role of Marcus' wife for the film.

So the changes aren't too tough to handle for the die hard fans of Gears of War (see what I did there?) and in fact they might be very welcome, showing the whole Emergence Day would be a superb move, and if this deals with the genesis of the whole story then we're definitely set-up for sequels.



Replacing any of those two knuckleheads, who were supposed to be fellow soldiers would be just fine. They were the only thing that annoyed me about the whole game!

I'm fine with that but just dont get rid of the cole train!

Just fingers crossed for the trailer actually showing what could be a decent film.


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