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Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson interview

GerardButler.jpgThis is really pushing it in terms of film content because there's next to nothing other than a few mentions of film titles, but I have to say I had such a laugh listening to this and it goes to show that Gerard Butler is a damn nice, down to earth bloke still, despite his massive fame.

That and it reminds me of joking around with mates, not being interviewed on a big American chat show – not that I have, it's just how it looks. Oh, and it's funny.

I love the whole numpty card thing and the fact that they forget that the American audience won't have any idea what numpty is. Great stuff, and for all you Gerry Butler fans out there, it's a must.

Thanks to Accidental Sexiness for the heads up:



Oh the memories of a past love still burns bright.


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