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Giallo trailer online

Giallo.jpgGiallo turned out to be a terrible film according to some of my colleagues who went to see it in the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Despite carrying "previous Oscar winner" Adrien Brody and coming from the "master of horror" Dario Argento, the audience were laughing at moments they shouldn't be, and the film turned out to be as unsubtle as a brick.

Still, a new trailer has arrived and it doesn't look half bad. Whoever has managed to cut this together has done a good job considering the reception it received.

Of course there's always the possibility that the EIFF audience was just a matter of taste and that another audience might receive it better than that, and the IMDB rating is looking better, but I'm not so sure.

Dario Argento's horror definitely was a genre and a time, and porting it to modern day film would be a task and a half. I wonder if he's managed it.

Looking at this new trailer for Giallo he might well have, but hearing of the audience reception at EIFF I'm not so sure.



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