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Glasgow lifts 29 year ban on Life of Brian

LifeofBrian.jpgMonty Python's The Life of Brian has been effectively banned in Glasgow Scotland for some twenty nine years since the first request to screen it in 1980 resulted in the Glasgow licensing committee giving it an X-certificate despite the BBFC assigning an AA certificate to it at the time.

However the Glasgow Film Theatre requested that they could screen the film under a fifteen certificate, the current certificate assigned to it by the BBFC, and the committee have agreed.

It seems amazing that the film remained with an X-certificate for this long, but according to Willie O'Rourke, vice-convener of the licensing and regulatory committee for Glasgow who's comments come through Screen Daily, it wasn't anyone's fault.

"This is the first application we've received to show Monty Python's Life Of Brian since the first request back in 1980."

It's hard to believe that the film went for so long without being screened on anything other than an X-certificate in Glasgow, much harder to believe it was given an X-certificate in the first place, but that's the case.

Finally though, the Glasgow Film Theatre looks set to make history in the city and show it under its true BBFC classification, and its first non X-certificate showing since 1980. I wonder though if it's ever been shown since 1980, even with that X-rating?



I don't know what's more embarrassing, the fact that it was banned in the first place or that it took 29 years to lift.

...or that it was Glasgow of all places that banned it.

Why was it ban in the first place? Find that mad.

I think it was becuase of the statement it was seen to make against organised religion. It did upset a lot of religious people, and probably still does.


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