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Goyer says Batman 3 not on

DavidGoyer.jpgWhen Gary Oldman revealed at Comic-Con that filming was to begin for Batman 3 next year, everyone was excited, for up until then all those who could be assumed to be involved in the film from the writer through the cast to director had all said that it was up in the air and all about Christopher Nolan's commitments.

Now it looks like we're back to that spot with the comments from Oldman during the press junket being dismissed in favour of the standard commentary - whenever Nolan's ready.

David S. Goyer recanted the usual position:

"We just have to wait for Chris Nolan… Right now, Chris is involved in filming Inception, and when he finishes that, he will turn his studious gaze back to the Bat universe and we'll see…"

Actually reading that and looking back at Gary Oldman's optimistic comment, I wonder if they are both right. He's obviously going to move back to Batman after Inception, and with a date set for that film they'll know, delays aside, when he's due to start the next film, and since that's Batman, viola they'll roughly have a start date in mind for a strong release date.

So yes, I think I can imagine both are right, it's just that Oldman probably revealed a rough date to everyone when he should have kept it under his hat. Meanwhile David S. Goyer through MTV and Latino Review is giving out the party line once again.



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