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Green Lantern has three choices

GreenLantern.jpgThere are three choices for actors to play the part of Hal Jordan, the new Green Lantern who will be the next superhero to arrive in multiplexes, and in an unusual move the three have been announced, possibly to gain the opinion of the fans and see who they would want to take the leading role.

The thee names are all interesting choices, one who has played a number of superheroes, one who had a long term Alias and suffers after drinking of late, and one who isn't a big Brittney fan.

Martin Campbell is the man directing The Green Lantern film, something which fills me with a lot of hope for it even if the hero doesn't, and together with Warner Bros. and the producers they've been spending the last five months trying to whittle down the choices to find the final Green Lantern.

Now they are down to three according to The Hollywood Reporter, and they are:

BradleyCooper.jpgBradley Cooper: He's been a supporting prop and a leading comedy man for a while, with a few interesting roles in Midnight Meat Train, Case 39, New York, I Love You and his upcoming role in The A-Team. However I remember him most from the television series Alias. He might be a good choice and someone not associated with many big face superhero roles, unlike choice number two.

RyanReynolds.jpgRyan Reynolds: Now here's a comedy actor who has turned towards the superhero world with a passion as his name keeps being banded around with a number of superhero characters in Blade: Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Deadpool and Deadpool himself in his own spin off. He's also become a bit more of a serious actor too with films such as The Amityville Horror, Smokin' Aces and The Nines.

JustinTimberlake.jpgJustin Timberlake: He's the last choice, and one that is all about grabbing the populist vote. He's probably the least experienced one with, Shrek roles aside, Alpha Dog, Southland Tales and Black Snake Moan. Interesting choice, but it does look like this is the one for the following more than anything.

Personally I'd go with Bradley Cooper, I think perhaps Ryan Reynolds is a great choice but he's associated with so much at the moment, and until The A-Team is released Cooper could be the best choice.

Who would you pick to play Hal Jordan, the man referred to as the Silver Age Green Lantern, as there are many chosen by the Guardians of the Universe to protect their worlds. Jordan was a test pilot who was given the ring by a dying alien and he joined the Green Lantern Corps., part of the Guardians of the Universe, set to police the Universe.

The key about this Green Lantern above the other names that were associated with the Earth superhero were that he was the first to have a family behind his character and also he was the one that formed the Justice League of America, handy for the studio.

So who would you chose to play that character?

Update: Ed dropped me a link in the comments to the fan made trailer for The Green Lantern using shots from other films, and I have to say it's quite convincing. It has Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan and he's looking pretty good in the role, faked as it is. Cheers for the link Ed.



I came across this fan made Green Lantern trailer a while back and it's putting Nathan Fillion in the role. I could actually live with that casting.

[Link removed and video embedded in the story above - Richard]

Bonus Points: See how many movies they've used clips from in the trailer.

I don't know any of these folks, well, except for Timberlake, who i think is a bit too well known to be in such a big movie. It would be like ( in all respect to the deceased ) Michael Jackson playing superman.

It wouldn't fit no matter what stretch of the imagination film makers go with.

BTW: the main reason i chimed in is to state my opinion that GL can only work correctly as a space epic action movie.., NOT a screwball comedy like i've been hearing rumors of it becoming.


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