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Hilary Clinton replaced in Special Relationship

HopeDavis.jpgDespite losing Peter Morgan as director, The Special Relationship has been hit by another change, this time to Hilary Clinton.

The film that tells the story of the relationship that American President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair shared has lost Julianne Moore from the role of Hilary Clinton due to scheduling conflicts, and has just seen her quickly replaced.

Hope Davis is the actress to be given the iconic role, in a film that is filled with iconic roles, Dennis Quaid is playing President Bill Clinton, Michael Sheen is playing Prime Minister Tony Blair once again, and Helen McCrory is playing Blair's wife, Cherie Blair.

So now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Hope Davis joins that excellent cast for what might be considered the ultimate political film from the writer Peter Morgan, examining the up and down relationship between these two leading political figures and, possibly, examining some of the more talked about moments and delving into a few behind the scenes moments that we really don't yet know the answers too.

I think Hope Davis is a great choice for the role, not only looks wise but also talent wise. I am a bit disappointed that Julianne Moore isn't going to be playing the part, but her role is being well taken over.

The other big change is with Richard Loncraine replacing Peter Morgan as the director, and interesting choice considering that he has Wimbledon, My One and Only and Firewall (Filmstalker review) to his name. I do wonder if he's going to be able to keep up the high standards of the series of Morgan's script. Certainly he has the cast to do it.



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