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Hilton sued for Pledge This!

ParisHilton.jpgParis Hilton is being sued for the film Pledge This! not doing better than it did, and the lawyers are saying that it's down to her not promoting the DVD that it didn't do so well.

While her defending lawyers say that she did promote the film, the prosecuting team say that she didn't and that she ignored requests to promote the film.

The question really is if Pledge This! was any good in the first place, but then that doesn't matter if money could be made through suing the star, whose own lawyers even admit that she didn't attend promotional events.

The quote from the BBC news article about the subject says:

"Worldwide Entertainment Group claims Ms Hilton's inaction directly led to the release being a flop."

Their lawyer, Brian West, said:

"It might have made a difference. It would have done better"

Well I don't know if it would have done US $8.3 million or GB £5.5 million better, but it might indeed have made a different if Paris Hilton was going around promoting the film.

Her lawyer does say that she relentlessly promoted the film for for two and a half years, saying that she was a:

"promotion machine"

Then they do admit that she was unavailable to meet many of the requirements of the studio for promotional activities for the film which she, and again her lawyers state this clearly, was not pleased with the final cut of the film.

Further to this the article tells us that she had the right to refuse to promote the DVD and some promotional events if the film harmed her "brand" - that would be Paris Hilton, a brand I thought she was harming quite well herself.

She was apparently paid US $1 million for the film which only then earned US $2.9 million, not helped by the fact that the studio only released it in twenty-five cinemas in the U.S., something I don't think was her decision.

This is a tough call. She should promote the film because that's part of her job, but then at the same time any actor or celebrity appearing in a film should also have the right to just say no and refuse to promote the film if it does turn out really bad. After all you're not really going to know that for sure until you see the final cut, although to be fair, she should have realised from the start it wasn't going to go well.

Poor Pledge This!, would it really have done better if Hilton had promoted it more? Some might argue it would have done worse! Would it have done better if the studio had released it in more cinemas and carried out more general promotion for it?



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