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Hobbit casting rumours

TheHobbit.jpgWhy not? I might as well tell you about the casting rumours for The Hobbit 1 and 2. They are huge rumours and there's no substance to them what so ever other than someone in a big name site decided to write down a few names and throw them out on the internet, and next time there's a furore about the internet and rumours, the blogs will get blamed and not these big sites. Just remember this next time.

Anyway, the rumours for The Hobbit casting have begun, mainly because the word is that Guillermo del Toro is about to reveal all at the Comic-Con that's going on at the moment.

In the meantime, let's look at those terrible internet blogging site rumours made up by fat fans sitting on their arses writing about things they have no understanding of. Oh wait a moment, the rumour comes from The L.A. Times (through JoBlo), so next time someone accuses the internet of releasing rumours, take a good long hard sniff at that!

Anyway, who's in their rumoured running?

Let's cut to the chase. David Tennant, Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy. Actually the L.A. Times also suggest Jack Black, but I think we can safely say that's insane.

For me I think that the obvious choice, out of those rumours would be James McAvoy, I couldn't see David Tennant playing Bilbo Baggins can you, but then what do I know? So that's why I've put the questions on a poll on the site, you'll see it in the sidebar, get voting.

What's great is that there are only three choices, as there's some anonymous person who has pointed out a few times on the polls that I give you too many options to decide, he starts telling me I'm stupid for doing that. I guess that's because people who vote have no mind of their own and their opinion doesn't count, it's how they fit in with my two or three options. To you sir, this poll is for you, I hope you can understand the three options.

To the rest of us, don't worry, I'll be running polls with tons of options and the "other" always open so everyone can have their say.

Anyway, I am ranting today aren't I? Let's get back on track, who would you choose for The Hobbit then?



Hey Richard, how are things. I agree with you, McAvoy would be my firt from the list, but I do like seeing JB's name on here. Now before you hunt me down for that, I do not think JB should be Billbo but her would look pretty good as one of the Dwarfs, Thorin Oakenshield in particular.

I've gone for James McAvoy, for two reasons really, the first is that I think he's got the acting chops to pull it off, and secondly, theres no baggage associated with him unlike Radcliffe and Tennant, while both are fine actors, its that DW/HP link.

Well I agree Brad, Black would make a good character in the film if he keeps it straight, he's got some good looks for the role. However not for Bilbo.

Seems like James McAvoy is the number one choice, everyone's voting for him.

Mark, spot on. I didn't think about that, they are too associated with another huge character just now to make that leap.

James McAvoy as Bilbo Baggins? Yes please!!!


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