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Hong Kong Phooey the film?!

HongKongPhooey.jpgThere's going to be a Hong Kong Phooey film, something I never thought I'd see to be honest. The cartoon featured a walking, talking, crime fighting Kung-Fu trained dog, a very clumsy and haphazard one, but one none the less.

It opened with those excellent titles that opened the musical introduction with, “Could it be Henry, the mild mannered janitor? - Could be!”, and began showing in the mid-1970's.

David A. Goodman, who is more known for his work producing Family Guy and is currently involved in Last Blood and the remake of the seventies film Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (entitled Who Is Killing the Great Chefs?), is writing the script.

According to the combined stories from The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Alex Zamm is the man set to direct.

For me this puts the film firmly in the limited release if not straight to DVD market. Firstly it's going to be hard to market a film where, amongst all the normal human world, there's a Kung-Fu fighting dog who more often than not gets things wrong, imagine Inspector Clouseau but as a dog with his faithful cat assistant taking the Kato role a bit further and helping him out at every turn.

Then there's the fact that Zamm has previously directed a straight to DVD Dr Dolittle sequel and Inspector Gadget 2, a film not far from where I could see Hong Kong Phooey hitting the market these days, and add in Goodman writing various television shows including a straight to DVD Scooby-Doo sequel, another direction I could see this film going, and then let me throw in the fact that Brett Ratner is producing.

Did you have any hope for Hong Kong Phooey at the start of the article? Well I imagine that's faded somewhat already. Of course that's not to say they couldn't make something really good that would appeal to fans of the original and new fans alike, perhaps pulling a franchise out of the hat, but really? No, I don't see it happening here.

The biggest problem for me is that the original material was a product of its time, and I really don't see it working in modern day.

As a stab at nostalgia, here's the opening and closing credits for the film, including that memorable song featuring the voice of Phooey, Scatman Crothers:

What this does suggest is that we can expect a run on Hannah-Barbera cartoons.



Yeah, you can't do this without the Scatman!

;;sigh;; this has WTF LOL and danger written all over it...

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