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Hot Tub Time Machine red band trailer online

JohnCusack.jpgThere's a new trailer, if you can call it that, for Hot Tub Time Machine online, and I'm confused, it seems more like a few clips just pulled out at random, thrown together, and with a voice over introduction thrown in.

In fact random is unfair, they have done their best to include some swearing scenes, and the scene with John Cusack just feels awkward.

Maybe I'm alone, I do tend not to like the standard Hollywood comedies we see and prefer something a little more intelligent and with some depth to it, I'm not sure that Hot Tub Time Machine is going to deliver it, especially after watching this red band trailer, after all does it even tell us what the film is about?

We get the sense, and none of this is delivered directly to the audience, that the Hot Tub is itself a time machine, and there's something there that suggests that they are stuck in the eighties. Where's the story explanation though?

Let me solve that by talking about it right here. A group of guys get together for a reunion of old times, they get totally wasted, sit in the hot tub, and suddenly get sent back in time to when they were in college.

That's about it, and here's the terrible trailer.



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