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Howard directing Ludlum novel

RonHoward.jpgNow here's a great match up, Ron Howard is set to direct Robert Ludlum's novel The Parsifal Mosaic, and if you think of his work to date, giving him a strong paranoid political type thriller to direct is perfect, especially when it's a novel he can get about and change.

To a degree I think that's where the Dan Brown adaptations have been lacking, there's not been much that can be changed for the big screen, or that the fans would allow to be changed. Here, he can change a lot.

Now there's no need for him to change anything, it's just that in adapting for the visual medium of film where there's so little time to get across a story, things need to be changed, and can benefit from being changed, making a stronger, more thrilling on screen story.

Ron Howard's talents on such a thriller could make for something akin to the great political conspiracy thrillers of the seventies, or so I'm hoping, but with plenty of modern action and styling thrown in.

David Self is set to adapt the novel according to Variety, and that adds another positive tick to the project. He's written the excellent and complex Thirteen Days which I recommend you see, Road to Perdition, The Wolf Man and is currently set to write Deathlok.

The Robert Ludlum novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) tells the story of a CIA operative who witnesses the execution of his lover who was identified as a KGB double agent by the very agency he works for. So he gets out, as quick as he can, and his life is coming back together when he sees his lover one day in Rome on a crowded railway platform, she's alive. He begins the hunt to track her down, but now both the KGB and the CIA are after him and want to silence him before he finds her. Before he knows it he's caught in a global conspiracy.

That sounds superb already. You can imagine some changes might be to swap the KGB for another, more current country's agency, of which there are a few that suit, but other than that it does sound an excellent thriller for adaptation.

Now with Ron Howard and David Self on the project, I'm really interested to see how The Parsifal Mosaic turns out.



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