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Hurt Locker International trailer online

TheHurtLocker.jpgA new trailer for The Hurt Locker has appeared online, the international trailer no less, and while it begins to open with the same footage, that soon changes.

I've seen The Hurt Locker (Filmstalker review) and I really loved the film, so if you're still waiting to see it I'd put it on my list of must see films.

The film follows a small team of bomb disposal experts in Iraq. The team comprises of the bomb technician and two soldiers tasked with looking after him and ensuring his safety, a Sergeant and a Specialist who don't always see eye to eye, and shows their daily life as the tour of duty for the technician ticks away.

It's a great film that really does keep the tension piled high and delivers some great surprises, as well as getting through a small understanding of what it is like for a soldier to return from active duty.

You can read more about Kathryn Bigelow's excellent film on the Filmstalker review, and in the meantime, here's the new trailer.



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