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I Am Legend team on City that Sailed

WillSmith.jpgWill Smith and Francis Lawrence are set to team up once again but this isn't in the touted I Am Legend prequel, no, this is a more child friendly story.

Andrew Niccol wrote the script called The City that Sailed, which tells the story of just that, a city that sailed. Will Smith will star and Francis Lawrence will direct, should the deals go through.

According to Nuke The Fridge, Alex Litel, and The Hollywood Reporter, whom Litel claims did a bit of story nabbing without any credits, Francis Lawrence is developing the story with an eye to directing and it's just early rumour at the moment, but it's a distinct possibility that they might be teaming up once again and Will Smith will be taking the lead.

The story for The City that Sailed is a bizarre one, a struggling musician in New York has a daughter in England who misses him dearly. She comes across a secret room in a lighthouse with some magical candles, she lights them, makes a wish, and the island of Manhattan begins to drift slowly towards England.

Sounds like a great story for the kids, but I know the adults would rather see Will Smith in a more dramatic role, possibly that I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) prequel.



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