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I Love You Phillip Morris French trailer online

ILoveYouPhillipMorris.jpgThere's a French trailer online, no subtitles so I think we just lost half of Hollywood, but there is plenty of new footage for you to get your hands on, and some serious Jim Carrey loving action, as well as some lingering moments with Ewan McGregor.

The film is based on a novel by Steve McVicker (Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk) which is also based on actual events, believe it or not, and that's a huge hook for the film.

Jim Carrey plays a conman with a wife and children who has a crash one day and when he comes out of his coma he decides that he is gay. Renouncing his previous life he heads off to find his new life.

However in the process of all the fun and frolicking he gets caught for fraud and sentenced to some hard time, and that's how he meets his new love, played by Ewan McGregor, a fellow inmate.

After they fall for each other Morris is transferred and when he hears that his love has been released he decides he has to escape by any means necessary and be with him. His escape attempts are rather amazing, including faking being an AIDS patient, and only rival his audacious actions once he's outside in freedom, at one point he walks straight into a CEO's job, faking his skills to get right to the top.

I can't believe I even enjoyed watching a trailer I could only understand every fifth word of! Here's the French trailer for I Love You Phillip Morris, and if you want an English version then head to the previous trailer.



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