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I Sell the Dead trailer online

DominicMonaghan.jpgHere's an interesting film that I hadn't heard of until now, I Sell the Dead, a film that seems to be rapidly gaining a following, and would you be surprised considering the plot and the names involved.

Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman and Larry Fessenden are the leads in the film that tells the story of a pair of grave robbers in the 18th century whom justice has caught up with, and focusses on one of them as he confesses all to a priest just before he's set to head to the guillotine.

However there's a twist to this story, he's not any grave robber, he soon discovered that he could make more money from the undead, and from there he started meeting all manner of strange people.

The trailer for I Sell the Dead looks pretty low budget but packed with style and some great names. I'm wondering if this could turn out to be a bit of a cracker, it's certainly shaping up to be. See what you think of the trailer, but I'm most definitely hooked.



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