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Jackboots on Whitehall begins filming

ScottishFlag.jpgIt was way back in December of 2006 that we first heard about the idea for Jackboots on Whitehall, a film with a superb concept that sees England defeated by Nazi Germany during World War II (something that was closer than we like to believe) and now occupied with only one saviour.

Who would that saviour be? Some superhero? Oh no, it would be something better, Scotland.

Now the good news is that it's just started filming.

The animated film started gaining an exciting cast which we started hearing about back then:

Timothy Spall as Churchill, Alan Cumming as Hitler, Tom Wilkinson as Goebbels and Richard O'Brien as Himmler, along with Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant and Sanjeev Bhaskar. One American role remains to be cast.

Now that's already a great line-up, then in January of 2007 we heard that Ewan McGregor and Richard Griffiths were joining Jackboots on Whitehall.

Today Empire brings us the news that the film has just seen it's first day of shooting, or rather it will have when production stops this very day.

Edward and Rory McHenry are writing and directing the film that will feature stop motion, puppeteering, and animatronics.

I love the idea, and have done since it was first announced, that England has been overrun by Nazi's and it's the Scottish that come to the rescue, and not just because I'm Scottish. Okay, well a little bit.

The cast sounds brilliant, I mean Alan Cumming as Hitler with Richard O'Brien as Himmler? That's genius, and the idea that there's going to be something a little unique about the style used is interesting too. Great to hear it's filming, but with stop motion I think we have to expect a long wait for the film.



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