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Jami Gertz funds Two Little Words

JamiGertz.jpgThe Lost Boys, Less than Zero, then Jami Gertz disappeared for me until Twister. Well she's back now and this time she's behind the scenes too as she's funding, almost entirely by herself, the film adaptation of Words ( / ).

The novel by Ashley Rhodes-Courter are her memoirs of her traumatic childhood spent in foster care and is one of the first projects to be produced by Lime Orchard Productions, recently started by Gertz.

From the account of Variety, Jami Gertz has to date funded the operations of Lime Orchard by herself and has this project and a few others, including a high school comedy for Disney channel called I Wanted Zac, but I Got Jack Black, and is being written by Melissa Gould who wrote Lizzie McGuire, so that should be a money earner.

However she's not going to be getting the cash just yet and both that film and Words have a long way to go, although saying that James Mangold is set to direct Three Little Words, the film adaptation of the novel, so perhaps it's closer than we think.

Jami Gertz herself said:

"For so long I've watched movies and TV shows and thought, 'This character should be doing this and this movie didn't work because that arc wasn't working,' and finally I decided to put my money where my mouth was and get creative..."

I think it's a really good sign when actors get involved in the production side, it often makes them much stronger and also allows them to develop films that are very close to their own hearts, and that means two things, great performances and non-studio films.



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