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Jennifer's Body official trailer online

JennifersBody.jpgIf you've been too scared to watch the red band trailer for Jennifer's Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried then this is the trailer for you. It's the official studio released, green band version, that means the MPAA don't think it's going to rot your brain by watching it.

It's not a bad trailer and actually I think it might be better than the previous one, although the surprise I find is that the previous one was touted as a red band version.

Perhaps it's because the girls kissed and that would lead to a mass scale conversion of decent, middle class, right wing Christians to become lesbians. By the way, that's scarcasm.

Anyway, the new trailer for Jennifer's Body has arrived, and it's right here.

You know I do find it funny that people refer to it as Diablo Cody's Jennifer's Body and not Karyn Kusama's. You'll mostly see people refer to films in this way with the director's name first rather than the writer, but it swaps depending on who is the most famous of the moment, when really it's both. I'm not going to be pedantic and say it belongs to everyone behind the scenes, but it belongs more the director, writer and the editor than anyone, and when do you see the editor mentioned?

Anyway I am digressing and delaying the trailer for you.

I like this a lot, and the gym line is rather funny. Still we're given closing scenes I'm sure and told that it's going to come down to the two of them fighting to the death.



i'm glad they changed the poster because the previous one looked exactly like true blood's. the trailers are awesome and it looks like we'll be getting another teriff soundtrack 'from the mind of diablo cody.' i can't wait for september =)

Welcome to Filmstalker my little sister! ;)


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