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Jesus Christ Superstar the musical remake

JesusChristSuperstar.jpgJesus Christ Superstar was a phenomenon in the seventies with Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber making the stage musical become a big success and then just a year later it made it to a film musical from Norman Jewison.

It garnered controversy and was very much a product of the seventies, so can it really be made into a worthwhile film musical once again?

You know I remember the joke lyrics for the lead song from Jesus Christ Superstar:

”Jesus Christ, superstar, acts like a woman and he wears a bra”

Yes we actually used to sing that at school, and a little bit more to boot, and it's one of those catchy tunes that just sticks in your head!

It seems that not only are Universal planning to remake the film but they already have a director in mind, Marc Webb, the man who just directed (500) Days of Summer. He's not only the director they have in mind but he's had this as a passion project for some time.

According to The Risky Business site through The Playlist, producer Marc Platt wants the director on board and talks have been ongoing for him to direct the musical.

It almost sounds bizarre, but one word is very clearly sounding for this remake, update. This has to be updated, can you really see it any other way? That seventies feel has to go, and if they are going to do that I say take the whole parable of Jesus and his disciples and bring it right up to date, make it happen in this modern day and age.

That just brings to mind some fantastic modernisations of certain scenes that are so relevant, the money lenders? Oh how apt.



While you could arguably make another film version of this musical, you cannot remake this particular film. It is most definitely a product of its time, in the best way. A time when political theatre was at its height, which was the style Jewison used for the film. It's what makes it brilliant, and cannot be redone.

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