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Kato found for The Green Hornet?

TheGreenHornet.jpgAfter all that talk it seems like the people behind The Green Hornet have seen sense, if this rumour is true, and are in talks to sign up an Asian actor for the role, at least they haven't recast him as some American comic actor which I really feared when the casting call came out.

Apparently he also has played roles where martial arts has been called for, so things just might work out after all, although I am thoroughly disappointed that Stephen Chow isn't taking up the role.

Kwon Sang-woo is the man currently going through the audition process and doing rather well, and from reading the report it actually looks like he's pulled off the role. He's played in various films already that have involved martial arts and so he has some grounding, but nothing near the talent of Stephen Chow.

According to reports from Hancinema through Twitch and The Playlist he had some problems with the English language requirements, but that he still managed to get through. I wonder how that's going to be played, if they are going to work on his English before the filming or if they are going to keep the language issue for the film and use it?

Still I find it hard to get excited now that Stephen Chow is off the project. Of course there's Michael Gondry and Seth Rogen, but on a film version of The Green Hornet Stephen Chow seemed the idyllic choice, and fit to pay an amazing homage to Bruce Lee.

Now? From the accounts we're hearing it's turning more and more to a Rogen and crew type American comedy.



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