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Kilmer for MacGruber?

ValKilmer.jpgWhat is happening to Val Kilmer's career? It's all over the place, and the latest news is that he could be joining the film version of Saturday Night Live's comedy sketch MacGruber, a take off of MacGyver, itself always touted to be made into a film but never making it.

The news says that both Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillippe are in negotiations to star in the film with both Will Forte and Kristen Wiig reprising their roles from the SNL comedy sketch.

Jorma Taccone is credited with creating the character for the comedy show and is also the person credited with directing the big screen version.

I've never seen the sketch myself, Saturday Night Live isn't played over here, but The Hollywood Reporter tells us that every week it featured Will Forte playing the son of MacGyver with Kristen Wiig playing his assistant. During every sketch the guest that week would be locked in a room with them as some form of explosive device ticked away, as MacGruber starts to try and defuse the bomb he gets caught up in personal issues and the bomb kills them off.

I'm sure it's funnier than the write up suggests. The film script definitely sounds better, it has been fleshed out a lot more and will tell the story of MacGruber being taken out of retirement by an Army Colonel, he's now living as a monk in Ecuador, in order to fight the evil Cunth who not only killed his bride, but is also threatening the world with a nuclear warhead.

Val Kilmer would be playing Cunth, an extremely cheap joke, and Ryan Phillippe would be playing an Army officer assigned to assist MacGruber.

Still, however much it sounds like it's going to have a huge audience, there's a concern that it's another poor move in the worsening career of Kilmer, he'll be coming from Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans



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