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King Kong sequel?

KingKong.jpgIt seems there's still life in the King Kong film, despite multiple remakes of the same story, although to be fair this one is a sequel, not the same story of King Kong being brought to the mainland to run havoc through the streets.

The film will be based on the book Kong: King of Skull Island, a prequel story from Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland which was published back in 2005.

The story is an interesting one and doesn't seem to just be revisiting that of King Kong, but rather will see a return to the island by the son of the man who discovered the great ape and took him to the mainland in the first place, not just to discover what happened, but to discover the source of Kong, and how the other dinosaurs came to be there.

For that part it also acts as a prequel that will investigate the origins of the island and the creatures there, and it will also revolve around a secret that has been discovered by his son that might explain why the ape and his father's body disappeared within hours of the tragedy at the end of the King Kong story.

It does sound an interesting tale, but the problem with the announcement from Variety through Coming Soon is that they plan to film it in motion capture, the same style as we've seen in The Polar Express, Beowulf and the soon to be seen A Christmas Carol.

To me that's far from honouring the original King Kong or living up to the effects of the other films. I would still rather see other effects used and mix with live action. Perhaps though that's the intention for the film? Using motion capture for the creatures and then live action for the rest of the actors? Right now I think the intention will be motion capture for the lot, and the chances of it being 3D? High I think.

The story also tells us that the production company are also going to develop a Ray Harryhausen film that was never completed, War Eagles, a story about a test pilot in 1939 flying a new jet that crash lands in the Arctic where he discovers a lost and previously undiscovered civilisation.



you know what's sad? i watched and quite enjoyed each remake and the original King Kong but NEVER until now questioned why dinosaurs and a giant ape lived on Skull Island.

what the heck is wrong with me?

I think they could make this work out pretty good, to tell you the truth.

Well there's something about the idea that no matter how many times it's remade almost scene for scene, it's still enjoyable. Classic monster cinema with tons of heart.

Yeah, I was the same, I never questioned why that was the case, nor did I question the practicalities of a mammoth ape falling in love with a tiny woman...ermmm.


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