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Kung Fu Kid begins filming

TheKarateKid.jpgJackie Chan and Jaden Smith have started the production of Kung Fu Kid, the remake of The Karate Kid with Chan taking over the role of the trainer and mentor played by Pat Morita, and Smith taking over the role of the young trainee once played by Ralph Macchio.

I know, there are already some big changes, the “kid” is much younger than in the original, they're going to be in China rather than the U.S., and for purists it's Kung-Fu now not Karate.

What surprises me most though is the fact that Harald Zwart is directing and Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith, is on board. Considering that Zwart has directed One Night at McCool's, Agent Cody Banks and The Pink Panther 2, I would have thought that Will would have pushed for a bigger and better director, as it is I think we can tell what kind of film we're going to see from Kung Fu Kid.

Steve Conrad wrote the script, and to his name he has The Weather Man and The Pursuit of Happyness, so right now the only things really drawing attention to the film are Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.

The story from Variety tells us that the cast and crew, along with the Smith family, attended a Chinese ceremony to bless the production and mark the opening day of filming.

All we're really getting from it all is that Ken Stovitz, one of the partners from Will Smith's production company, said that Kung Fu Kid will be set in modern day Bejing, as for the rest we'll have to see what slips out in the coming three month shoot.

I'm not entirely convinced by this remake, in fact I'm not even close to being convinced, but I guess I'm resigned to seeing it now, whatever it does to the original The Karate Kid.

However let's look back with that tinge of rose tinted covering removed from our eyes and see what we really think of the original Karate Kid. It's dated, let's face it, couldn't it do with an update? I know there's a lot of us that love the original, but couldn't the story be modernised and moved to China without being a complete sell out to grab the biggest demographic?



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