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Lord of the Rings Blu-ray double dipping

LordoftheRings_Boxset.jpgI do hate double dipping, that's the process where the studio release deliberately schedule multiple versions of a film for release, starting with the cinematic and usually ending with the super-duper Director's Special Edition Cut, and the Lord of the Rings Blu-ray release is no different.

Let this be a word of warning to you all. If you are thinking of buying the Blu-ray release of Lord of the Rings and want to see the complete extended editions, the ones the film-makers wanted you to see, then do not buy the first Blu-ray release.

While speaking at Comic-Con Peter Jackson revealed that the studio are planning two releases of the film on Blu-ray. The first will be the standard cinema released, theatrical versions of the film and we'll have to wait about a year to see the extended versions released for sale.

I hate when studios do this, they are obviously trying to get as many people as possible to buy the first version and then the second version again, double dipping into their wallets.

Since I know about this practice these days I tend never to buy new DVDs or Blu-rays and I deliberately wait for a better release to come. Of course there are some films that you know won't be getting a double dipping because they are just so bad, but Lord of the Rings is definitely not one of them. They'll be going for as much of your cash as possible.

Speaking to Collider, Peter Jackson said that the studio had also asked him to prepare some brand new extras for the Blu-ray releases, but he didn't say what these would be. Consider that the good news.

However don't be thinking that justifies buying the first Blu-ray as no doubt everything that is on that Blu-ray will be dropped on the second release too. So the advice from here is still hold out for that second release.



I agree it's disappointing given Jackson's previous announcements that the extended editions were a "one time thing only", were NOT the director's cut and wouldn't be released again (even if all the fans are begging for it).

However I have to disagree with you about the extra's being carried across. This didn't happen on the DVD releases (where the extra's on the standard DVD didn't reappear on the extended versions - they just went out and made a ton more) and I'd be surprised if they didn't repeat the same formula on the Blu-Ray versions.

Make no mistake they have a ton of material they filmed as part of the cast interviews for the original DVDs which they deliberately held over for the "planned HD release in 2010", as was told to me at the time.

And that's before we get into newly recorded stuff to promote "The Hobbit", or any "look back" perspectives now that the trilogy has been in the public domain for a few years.

What's sad about all the "film company" money grabbing is how the "little people" who did most of the hard graft/crazy hours for pennies in the first place don't seem to be getting any of it. Actors have launched legal suits saying they haven't been paid properly. The Tolkien Estate are suing for substantial sums of money they say they are owed. Indeed there's only one person I can see making huge sums of money out of the whole enterprise - and he's the person constantly trying to imply that it's greedy film companies behind these money-grabbing decisions!


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