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Machete casting rumours

Machete.jpgThere's been a fair bit of speculation going on about the casting of Machete, a film based on a very short fake teaser trailer made up by Robert Rodriguez for the Grindhouse double bill, a teaser that had as much plot as an episode of Big Brother.

However it's been decided that a great story could be made out of it and the film is going ahead, and the rumours are going wild about the casting in the film. If even a quarter of it is true then we're in for a hell of a film.

Of course, it's all rumour from unknown sources.

It is crazy sometimes the casting rumours that get banded around while sites call each other out for carrying the wrong ones while their ones are right from believable “sources” and “insiders”. It does become quite a joke and does one important thing, it forgets the audience and the fan and ends up a fight of one-upmanship to see who can gain the most hits from it.

What about the fan though? What about the person wanting to read about the actual casting and the real rumours of casting to get involved and have a good discussion about it? Tough. You're caught in the middle of a battle for readership figures.

They're all at it, and you just don't know who to believe any more so it's hard to talk about this story and write what might be real and might not be, you just have to go with it.

So The Playlist came out with a round up fo the rumours and plenty more of their own, and some of it sounds preposterous while some of it sounds interesting.

Let me just run through some names. Bloody Disgusting were suggesting that their “source” has the story that while Danny Trejo is taking the lead, which is no real surprise since he's in the fake trailer, and that Michelle Rodriguez is joining him along with Jonah Hill. So far you're with me on this I'm sure, both names are believable.

Then they tell us that Robert De Niro is also to take a part. Now that's probably a leap for some, although I don't think so, you just have to look at the quality of comedies that he's been taking up of late and you can easily accept that he could do that, legend he perhaps once was, not so much these days. In fact these days he's closer to the calibre of these other actors don't you think?

The Playlist add in that they believe Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal are to join up. They say that's a one up on Sylvester Stallone's casting for The Expendables, something a baulked at. I mean really, Seagal is hardly comparable to some of the names in that film, he's a bit of a joke of an action star isn't he?

It all seems a little bit daft to me, but I'm sure some of it could come true, what do you think? They all seem the calibre that would join, I guess it's just if the rumours come true, who's really right, and if the film ends up getting made.

Is there any casting rumour in here that has you interested? Here's the fake trailer, and you can see the spread thin plot throughout.



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