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Maguire in black comedy

TobeyMaguire.jpgI think Tobey Maguire is really beginning to work hard at separating himself from Spider-Man, probably because he's set to return to the role once again, and perhaps his role in the upcoming Brothers is the film that's really going to showcase his talent.

Now he's picked up another interesting role in a film called The Details, a black comedy written and directed by Jacob Estes and co-starring Elizabeth Banks.

I say interesting as black comedy sounds like it's another role in a different direction for Tobey Maguire, however when you read the plot you'll not be thinking so highly of it.

Variety tells us that the film will follow a married couple who are struggling in their relationship with problems aplenty such as infidelity and fighting to see if they will stay alive or not - now so far I'm thinking this could turn into an interesting black comedy – however the arrival of raccoons burrowing underneath their back garden causes events to escalate as they fight over how to kill them, and as the attempts escalate there's even a murder using a bow and arrow.

So it suddenly doesn't sound so wonderful, however it does have a strong line up with Elizabeth Banks, Ray Liotta, Dennis Haysbert, Laura Linney and Anna Friel.

Despite the big cast I'm not hugely taken on the idea of the film, although it's another interesting choice to Maguire's acting career and will definitely help him diversify from the association there obviously is between his face and Spider-Man, however I'm not so sure it's going to deliver as good a performance as Brothers is undoubtedly going to be.



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