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Max Steel the movie

MaxSteel.jpgAnother cartoon creation hits the big screen vying to pull in the audience it gained while playing on television and lure them into the cinema with the announcement that Max Steel is set to become a film.

The story follows a nineteen year old who gets nanobots into his bloodstream which gives him superhuman abilities and is then recruited by a secret agency to work for them.

However it's not solely the teenage market that Paramount Pictures are after here, it's the Latin marketplace as Max Steel is the number one action figure in Latin America.

According to the Variety announcement, Max Steele became an action figure in 1999 in the U.S. and was soon promoted to having his own animated series from 2000 to 2002, and I think I'm right in saying that it was all CGI animated. I think I've seen it playing on Saturday mornings on Channel Five in the UK at some point.

While the show might not be a worldwide success, the film property might be, and Mattel are relying on the film regenerating the growth of the action figure sales.

Barry Waldo, Mattel's Vice President of worldwide entertainment marketing and strategy, a title that probably doesn't even fit on his door, said:

"A theatrical film plays a significant role to relaunch the franchise…But we have a strong Latin consumer we're going to keep happy while broadening the franchise for the rest of the world. We wouldn't do ourselves a favor if we turned a blind eye to it. That's the artistic challenge we've got"

There's no word on directors or anything other than Joe Roth as a producer, but I suspect they'll be looking to CGI it all as per the television series, or will they consider a live action and look to cast a big name as per G.I. Joe?

Max Steel certainly has a lot more work to do to become a worldwide franchise than G.I. Joe did, but then if they can make Battleships, Monopoly and View-Master into films, why not?



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