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Michael Jackson This Is It concert film

MichaelJackson-ThisIsIt.jpgI did say that I thought the footage from Michael Jackson's rehearsals for the This Is It concert, the concert we never saw due to his untimely death, would end up becoming a film and it looks as though Sony might be the first ones to do it.

They're apparently close to making a deal to buy the eighty hours of footage of the concert rehearsals that Michael Jackson was performing for the shows in London, including his final ever rehearsal.

Plans for the film are already under way, even though Sony haven't secured the rights, well according to the story in Variety anyway. They say that Kenny Ortega, the director of High School Musical series, is already hard at work putting the footage together and they are hoping to release the film before the end of the year.

That fits in with his plans since he's got a wait until next March for his next film the remake of Footloose.

Apparently the film will feature at least three of Michael Jackson's videos, with an alternate version of Thriller being shown. This is because these videos were prepared to be shown during the concerts themselves and so they will be included in the film too. Some of the footage was to play in 3D, something I hope the film won't see the need to do, you can imagine taking your 3D glasses on and off throughout the film would be much worse than wearing the things in the first place.

The article hypes up the concern over the reason for Michael Jackson's death, and states that if it was drug related then the film could be in jeopardy and that this is a gamble for the studio. I seriously doubt that.

Whatever the reason for the death of the artist, fans will still flock to see his final concert created on screen, I don't see any reason that they would be kept away, fans of Michael Jackson will remember the star and the person that they loved, not the one presented in the papers after his passing, whatever that may reveal.

I think Sony will steam ahead with this regardless, knowing that if they do this right it could be a film shown and released on anniversaries to come.



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