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Michael Jackson This Is It documentary?

MichaelJackson-ThisIsIt.jpgIt wasn't going to be too long before we started hearing about a Michael Jackson film in some form or another, and it's not going to be stopping at one either.

The first could be a documentary about his preparation for the This Is It tour, a documentary that has over one hundred hours of footage and is being considered as a possible feature.

Although this would be nowhere near the only Michael Jackson film we'll see, let's be prepared for ones about his entire life, just his early career, his later time when he wasn't releasing records, about the court cases and the more flamboyant side of his life, the Jackson family, and so on. This could well be the first as it already has the footage ready.

Of course we don't know how much of the footage is good, but imagine they've captured the rehearsal performances of every single song, straight away we have a performance documentary of a tour that never happened. Now that would be huge.

There's also the draw that there may be footage behind the scenes, and with a hundred hours worth I think there might just be a little, and this could provide for some additional insight into the man.

The Associated Press story through Yahoo News tells us that Randy Phillips, the CEO of the concert promoter AEG, has revealed that they are sitting with over one hundred hours of footage from the rehearsals for the London performances of the This Is It tour, and the article claims that he said there's...

...talk of turning that material into a motion picture or a pay-per-view event.

I think that in the case of Michael Jackson, pay-per-view is extremely limiting the potential audience, and if there's enough good footage I would be inclined to make a performance documentary of the tour that never was.

We're promised more details today, and if AEG has the quality of footage it won't really matter if they are the first on the block with a film about the man, as this will be the last performance ever, the unseen tour.



It would seem that Michael documented quite a lot of his life and so therefore there are hours of footage that could be used to make a decent documentary.

I imagine there will be many, but one of the most interesting for me would be a performance documentary of the final concert that never came to be. There's something a little special about that.


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