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Michael Sheen in Tron Legacy

MichaelSheen.jpgIn all the casting news that has poured online today I think the most unexpected has to be that of Michael Sheen joining the cast of the new Tron film, Tron Legacy as it is now called.

Sheen hinted at it himself a little while ago, but today Disney have come in and confirmed it, he has a role.

However, we have no idea what part Michael Sheen is set to play in Tron Legacy, but if you look at what he's done before the chances are he could be set to play the baddie, after all we haven't heard much from that side of the camp and he is a big name, I don't see him popping in for a quick cameo.

Total Film remind us that Michael Sheen twittered that he was heading to Vancouver to play a role and that he couldn't say what it was, that didn't stop him teasing everyone about what it could be of course. At the time he said that the role he was playing wasn't a person, and other such clues.

Disney have confirmed it though, he's in the film. Sheen as the computerised bad guy? Well he's certainly not playing a human that's for sure, and he's got the stature that he would be playing a big character. Yes, I'm putting my money on the villain.



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