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Midway games to become films?

SpaceInvaders.jpgThere's a fair degree of speculation in this story, but here are the facts. Midway Games assets were up for sale in bankruptcy court, for the obvious reasons, they were bankrupt, and Warner Bros. have just bought a large amount of them for their own purposes.

Following on from that, there are a number of properties that they own that might make decent material for film adaptations. Then looking at what other studios are doing with the simplest of games, Battleships to Asteroids, Universal could be coming out with a bunch of films.

We could be seeing films based on properties such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Defender, Gauntlet, Psi-Ops, Area 51, Spy Hunter and Mortal Kombat all from Midway Games properties.

Actually that raises a question about what would happen to existing films based on Midway properties, does Warner Bros. suddenly have a stake in them? Can they begin to claw some profit out of them or have some say in their development, or even take them over? Mortal Kombat has been pushing for production, as has Spy Hunter. What of them?

The news is that Warner Bros. have just bought most of Midway Games' assets, and while the story in Variety through Total Film doesn't actually say what "most of" means, they do mention specifically that the US $33 million deal has given the studio the rights to Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter and Joust along with "several other game franchises".

It's rather telling that Warner Bros. didn't buy two of the Midway game development studios in San Diego and Newcastle, meaning people there will be out of work, but more importantly that they aren't looking to buy a huge game development company. It could be that they were just after the titles and back catalogue, or they want a very small game development house.

Personally I think they're after the back catalogue and titles to adapt especially since they own Snowblind Studios, TT Games, Monolith Productions and a thirty percent share of Eidos. Mind you they could be planning to merge these together as one Warner Bros. game company.

What do you think though, could any of their back catalogue make film franchises other than the ones already touted and in development? Does this bode well for the next Mortal Kombat and a return to the production of Spy Hunter?



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