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Mortal Kombat 3 in development?

MortalKombat.jpgThere have been rumours for some time about another Mortal Kombat film and the news I carried two days ago about Warner Bros. buying Midway and their game franchises seemed to call into question a number of projects based on their games that have been running in the background for years, one of them being Mortal Kombat 3.

However today, the man who played the character of Scorpion in the first two films, Chris Casamassa, has revealed that he's ready to go on the third, and in fact that he's going to start filming in September.

This sounds very strange to me, it's either far too close to the purchase of the rights by Warner Bros. or it's way too late for a film to be still going into production when the rights have just been bought by another company. It just seems odd timing.

However the comment allegedly comes from Chris Casamassa himself when interviewed by the SGV Tribune through First Showing.

According to Casamassa, he's set to start filming the third Mortal Kombat film in September.

I either wonder if this is still going ahead or if this harks back to an old production that has since hit the skids, because I really can't believe they've gotten a Mortal Kombat film off the ground this close to purchasing the rights.

Mind you they could have and this is heading straight for DVD, but I would suspect that they're trying to inject a little more budget and class to the film to try and elevate it over the previous one and the recent poor showing of another martial arts franchise revival, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Personally though I think this is harking back to a previous production, Mortal Kombat: Devastation, and so my original question still stands, what will happen with these productions now the rights have changed hands? Also is there
still a desire for another Mortal Kombat?



I don't know about where the audience is for this one. On one hand, the last MK game I saw being played seemed to have somewhat of a story and mythology going on...but i haven't seen the second movie at all.

The first one was O.K. It was great fun and was kinda like an idiot's martial arts wet dream.

if it's not too heavy handed, it could work. Makes me wonder if the buy out of midway's properties wasn't aimed at this to begin with. I mean, come on. ASTEROIDS the movie? HA!


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