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Mr Nice Guy trailer online

MrNice.jpgThe trailer for Mr. Nice has arrived, that's the film about Howard Marks, the infamous British so called drugs baron who had all sorts of adventures in his life including alleged dealings with the CIA. He wrote about his own adventures after spending six and a half years in prison in his autobiography Mr. Nice (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

His own book has been brought to life by director Bernard Rose, who made the terrible Snuff-Movie (Filmstalker review) and the much better The Kreutzer Sonata (Filmstalker review). Let's not forget Candyman and Immortal Beloved.

In a brilliant piece of casting Rhys Ifans plays the character of Mr. Nice aka Howard Marks and the film also stars such names as Chloë Sevigny and David Thewlis.

The trailer really is building up the life of Marks, and some of it hints at things you would not believe. It also seemingly paints it all with superbly rose tinted glasses. I wonder how sympathetic the film is going to be and how much this drugs baron is going to be shown as a lovable rogue?

Here's the trailer which came through Quiet Earth.



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