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My One and Only trailer online

ReneZellweger.jpgI really didn't see this film coming, possibly because I heard Renée Zellweger, the premise, and switched off, but there's a big saving grace, Kevin Bacon is involved too and Chris Noth. Maybe there could be something to it after all.

Still, I'm not a fan of Zellweger, it's something about her mouth I don't like, but I don't have to like her to like the film. See what you think.

My One and Only is a comedy, a kind of romantic looking comedy, set in the 1950's where a well kept woman, played by Renée Zellweger, returns home to her well off husband to find him having an affair, so she takes her two teenagers and heads off to find a new life, and a new husband.

However her adventure looks filled with disasters as the potential husbands fall at each opportunity, and it looks like she gets the chance to end up with her husband again. Might actually turn out to be typical fare, but then it does have Chris Noth and the superb Kevin Bacon.

You can see the trailer here and tell us if you think the film will be saved by Bacon...is that a saying?



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