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New Moon topless footage from Comic-Con

Newmoon.jpgI laughed my head off, literally my head came right off with laughing, it rolled about the floor and I was falling over it, and it's all because of this The Twilight Saga: New Moon footage shown at Comic-Con and grabbed by some eager fans.

Actually I lied, it's not about the footage at all, it's the crowd reaction to it, particularly when vampire Ed appears in Bella's mind or when wolfie Jacob takes his top off and shows his six pack!

I love the line from someone nearby the camera:

”This is going to be awesome!”

You can watch the footage right here, it's fan recorded footage of a clip of The Twilight Saga: New Moon footage that was shown at Comic-Con, but it's watch-able, if you can stand the excited screaming and hormone raging audience!

The fan commentary is peppered with comments such as:

"sensual" and "oh my god....don't do it!"

Then we see Taylor Lautner take off his shirt and flex his muscles just in order to wipe a small bit of blood from Kristen Stewart's face, over the top, but all designed to flash to the girl audience and evoke the following reaction, although mine was somewhat different!

The footage comes through Entertainment Weekly.



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