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New Mystery Team trailer online

MysteryTeam.jpgA second trailer for Mystery Team has arrived online, and while it's not rip roaringly funny, it does have a few amusing moments and some of the set-ups look pretty good, but a lot of them do fall flat.

I'm sure this will appeal to many people, but I was hoping for a little more from the film considering the rather cool and odd idea.

The Mystery Team comes from the Derrick Comedy group and follows three school kids who created the Mystery Team who, for a fee, would investigate mysteries and solve problems for other school kids. At one time they were featured on the local television channel, something that made them feel proud and important.

Life has moved on around them while they have stood still, and they decide to resurrect the Mystery Team and try and regain some of their youth.

When they approach a kid for a case, the kid surprises them by asking them to solve her parents murder. The world has indeed moved on, but they still accept the case and try to deal with modern day criminals.

Here's the new trailer for Mystery Team so you can have a look, see what you think. The previous trailer is still here on Filmstalker.



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