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New Pandorum trailer online

PandorumPoster.jpgFootage galore is coming out of Comic-Con, and the next to hit is Pandorum, the exciting looking film from Christian Alvart which stars Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid certainly has delivered some exciting teasers to date, and this one gets even better.

Now we get to see some more concentrated shots on the creatures that are hounding the survivors on board the space ship, and they look part human, part, well, ship.

The story for Pandorum, if you've forgotten, is about two crew members who are awoken from a deep sleep in suspended animation during a long haul deep space journey. The blurb says that they wake up with no idea what their mission is or who they are, and they see totally alone on this huge ship.

One of the crew members stays in the main cabin and uses the radio to guide the other deep into the heart of the ship to find out if anyone else is alive. There is, just not who or what they expected, and before long their lives are in terrible danger.

Here's the new teaser trailer from Comic-Con via MTV:



This might have potential. The first few seconds could of been from any of the Alien films, style wise. Let's hope the action doesn't overload the film (which to some extent was the downfall for the Alien films).


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