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Orphan trailer online

Orphan.jpgThe trailer for Orphan, the latest child focused horror film, is online, and it comes with it a clip from some time ago that reinforces just how horrible the child really is.

The film stars Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard and CCH Pounder, and the trailer looks pretty good, although there's a hint of perhaps showing a little too much.

A big question would be is Orphan following ground that we've already seen? Or is it going to tread new water? It seems from some of the comments it's been receiving is that it is something a little new, and much darker too. All that has me interested in Orphan.

The film is about a nine year old orphan who gets adopted by family who soon begin to discover that she's not as innocent as a nine year old should be, in fact she's something much worse than a child.

You can see the trailer online in high definition at Yahoo Movies [Flash:480p:720p:1080p] along with a short clip from one of the scenes in the trailer which looks not too bad itself.

I'm on the fence about this film to be honest, scary kids have to be done just right, but then the lead actors are a good mix.



I saw the trailer for this before seeing Bruno in the cinema. It doesn't look scary at all and I really hate these kind of storylines. evil kid comes into the family, nice at first, then is horrible to other people things without the parents noticing or believing, parents notice and kid gets worse, more people die then either kid or parents die, sorry I just find these boring. Isn't this just a copy of the Omen and the good son?

I agree with you Michelle, but this looks like it could have the potential to be a good worthy addition to those type of films. We'll see...


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