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Planet 51 trailer online

Planet51.jpgThe first full trailer for Planet 51 has arrived online, it had a very distinct feel then and looked fantastic. Now the trailer changes the focus somewhat and it goes from something a little quirky to a little more stock, but don't write it off, it's looking really good and a lot of fun.

Planet 51 tells the story of an astronaut from Earth who heads off on a mission to investigate a far off planet. When he gets there he finds that the planet is inhabited with what he would class as green aliens, but they're living in the equivalent of 1950's Earth.

Planet 51 is basically a switch on the alien visits Earth story, most of the planet's inhabitants believe that he's there to destroy them and take over their planet, but a few younger ones see him for who he is.

The crux is that he's being chased by the authorities of the planet and has to get off the planet to his spaceship and return to Earth before it leaves without him.

Sounds a fun story, but have a look at the actual trailer and see what you think because that's what's selling it. The trailer comes through Twitch.

The film stars the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Gary Oldman and John Cleese, a cracking cast.

What do you think? Has this something to offer other than just the big moralistic tale. I'm liking it, and it has a nice style, even if you recognise some moments from other animated tales.



I think this looks really really good. The teaser trailer made me laugh and this trailer is just as funny. Great cast. Think it'll be a winner.


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